Reiki Classes, Aura Classes, Channeling Groups, and more...

More people than ever feel the pull to experience expanded consciousness and energy. It is time to insist that it becomes real to your direct observation.  As you become more aware you naturally enter a transformation process that leads you on the journey to self discovery and to the recognition that you are not just a physical body but a being that is of the life force.

Even as there are more people feeling the call to include this alive dimension of themselves into daily life it is still a small percentage of the population that is interested. We do not need to convert the masses as a few individuals that are waking up to the sublime self have an enormous energetic impact on the whole. Persuing the intention to be more of who you are empowers and uplifts you and gives you a greater sense of self and possiblity. You in turn put out a new vital energy that benefits the individuals in your daily life, your community and ultimately the world. Be a visionary and be daring about the adventure that is self discovery.

Reiki Attunements.

REIKI ATTUNEMENT: The main intention of the attunement is to attune the aspiring healers connection to the all powerful and every-where-present life force aka Reiki. This is also a very powerful opportunity to strengthen your ability to play healer in your community as you will be lead through the process by a committed and capable healer. Rates and other information

AUDITS: If you already have your Reiki Level 1 Attunement you are invited to come by for a discounted rate for as low as $25. Contact Jeremy for more information.

                        Examples of Some of Our Ongoing Events

Reiki Sharings.

ABOUT: This event is designed to give practioners time to practice thier healing art and for beginners to receive a healing. You do not need to be attuned to attend this event and you are encouraged to try out some of the techniques that we teach. If you are called to be a light to others in this way it is highly recommended that you get an attunement.