Who We Are

Nothing is better than sharing ones light with another. Here in this community we do just this in a group setting and in individual sessions.

While participants are given information on the nature of transformation they are also given encouragement and the space in which to realize a new self that is free, authentic, intuitively responsive, spiritually strong, attractive to prosperity, naturally related and at every moment creative.

You are invited to participate in classes, workshops, discussions, consultations, channeling experiences, auric information and evaluations, Reiki, and much more. See our Meetup group.

The Instructors

Jeremy Anacker and Amanda Barlow PhD

About Amanda: Amanda Barlow PhD is a medical research scientist, with many important published papers. She studies the genetics and development of the nervous system of the bowel in order to understand the processes that go wrong in disease. She is also a powerful psychic healer with natural healing abilities and a very deep and astute perception of human nature.

Her scientific work on the DNA level has had a very profound influence on her style of intuitive healing, as her Acute Intuitive Perception works to the core of each cell. She is able to reprogram the cellular memory to facilitate transformative healing changes.

About Jeremy: Jeremy Anacker is also a Reiki Teacher qualified to do Reiki attunements. He studied with Helen Borth, the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin, for over 25 years in an exciting process of discovery and realization. He has been doing Reiki healing and alignment work for many years. If someone wants to become a Reiki practitioner, either for self use or to do energy work on others, Jeremy can teach them and offer the attunements necessary to awaken this unlimited life force gift. His added ability to see auras complements his teaching, and helps him better explain to students how to attune and trust because he can see what may be blocked in their energetic field.

MORE TO READ: Here is an article written by Jeremy on the overall energy field and how it is the larger context for the chakra system. http://mimosaspirit.com/beyond-the-chakras/