Reiki is a touch healing art that was rediscovered by a man named Dr. Usui in Japan in the middle 1800's. It made its way into the United States through Hawaii where there were originally 22 Reiki Masters. 

Jeremy Anacker of Affinity studied for well over 20 years with Helen Borth who spent time with these Masters and was the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin. In time, while the tradition was carried forward in its original flavor a contemporary approach was also introduced. Jeremy has spent over 25 years working and developing his approach to the Reiki Practice and to teaching and helping others transform. He embraces ways of thinking and being that enhance the healing power of Reiki.

"Wanting to reform the world without discovering ones true self is like trying to cover the world in leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes."

- Ramana Maharshi

At Affinity not only do participants experience the peaceful and healing benefits of Reiki and other energy techniques but they also are given tools and dynamic group opportunities for growth and spiritual transformation. You are invited to join us through our Meetup Group. Click here to be taken to our link. 

  • Reiki Sharings
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Spiritual Awareness Classes
  • Self Healing Classes
  • Aura and Intuitive Healing Sessions

Original and Contemporary Reiki

The Original Approach - Over the years Reiki has been changed and modified to fit the interests of various individuals. Reiki in its original form is becoming even more rare than ever. Out of interest in perserving the best of what was to the healing community Jeremy keeps offering all that he knows about Reiki as it was presented through the early pioneers. If you are already attuned you are welcome to audit any of the Reiki Attunements that Jeremy offers. The price for an audit is available for as low as $25. Inquire with Jeremy for more information. 

A Contemprary Approach - As one evolves in thier practice the true direction towards greater effectiveness is not necessarily to learn more techniques and knowledge but to be willing to trust and be taught intutiviely and directly by the lifeforce. The Universal Life Force Energy  is the translated meaning of the word Reiki and it knows what to do in any healing situation. In time one discovers that they are of the life force in the most complete possible way.